This generous family homestead with Modernist bones was refurbished to a contemporary sensibility and a landscape developed to complement and offer relaxed, family living in a farmland setting. Views to the bay beyond the property stretch out over the lawn area and ha ha wall, unhindered by fencing to the cattle pasture beyond. Sinuous, concrete walls meander through as defining elements to the driveway entry, seating within a terraced eating area with open fireplace, invitation to a fire pit area, and delineation to raised beds in the productive garden area.


The pool is set into a lawn hillside, allowing relaxation on this slope looking out over the water, surrounding garden beds and to the distant setting sun. Timber fencing around the pool extends out in a broad zone encompassing an existing stand of Eucalypts that shelter and embrace this well used area. Meandering planting beds tie together pool, tennis court and dining terrace, as well as softening the house fa├žade. Generous pergolas at front and rear create definition and opportunities for seating.

Architecture: Studio Esteta
Construction: Leaver Landscapes and East Coast Pools
Photographer: Rob Blackburn