Undertaking a significant renovation to bring a 1910s grand home back to life, this expansive property was an open canvas. A neglected garden included many native trees amongst exotics, and a huge Moreton Bay Fig tree. The family wanted to ensure this was a welcoming, engaging space, suited to the needs of their four children over many years. A garden for fun, activity, open ended play, spaces for friends and family, eating outdoors, swimming, ball games and so on. The half circle driveway under the porte cochere was reinstated, with a semi-formal front garden to address the street and more casual living at the rear. The old stables have been converted to a pool pavilion. Decking platforms take play into the buttressed roots and up into the branches of the Fig. Views outwards to the garden were important considerations, as well as glimpses inwards to a sheltered internal courtyard.

Construction by Semken Landscaping
Renovation by Ross Tang Architects

Photography by Hilary Bradford and Kate Seddon