Being plant lovers, yet wanting a pool, magnesium filtration was chosen for the pool, which is safe for plants. A garden filled with beautiful, contrasting textures and shapes of plants surrounding and embracing the pool, rather than a pool dominating with plants coming in a distant second. The pool is tiled in white, reflecting the blue of the sky, with a striking Moroccan blue feature wall behind. Strategically placed plants in wrought iron pot holders cover the wall. Castlemaine slate random pavers are positioned to allow sprawling vegetation between, and broader areas of crazy paving are for sun lounging and entertaining. A traditional covered front patio is paved in a honed version of the exposed aggregate from the driveway. Diffused light comes into the garden through clouded glass panels in the fence. Planting is maximised even along the driveway, creating garden outlook throughout the block.

Renovation by Marcus O’Reilly Architects
Construction by Professional Landscaping Solutions

Photography by Rob Blackburn