A generous entry garden of paved pathway, sunken pond surrounded by pebbles and wavy, cloud-pruned hedging complements the formal facade. Small feature trees and shrubs are clipped in Niwaki style to highlight trunks and branches as much as the canopy. The rear courtyard with elegant grid arrangement of canopy trees, creates an outdoor dining setting and shade in summer. Original raised stonewall beds in the upper garden have been reconfigured to feature contrasting arrangements of clipped mounds and upright planting, interspersed with decorative and practical garden ornamentation. Generously proportioned, raised productive beds sit in niches along the boundary wall, mirroring the elegant glazed openings on the house extension. A curved, mirrored doorway offers a glimpse of a garden beyond. Solid paving makes way for random steppers interspersed with creeping ground cover. Garden views are maximized by wide glazed openings, with every outlook providing a different view of the garden.